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IIBS (International Islamic Boarding School) has an excellent and brilliant vision to run the best education as the home for young generations to dig up the

knowledge for them since they will be Indonesian future leaders in politics as politicians, in economics as economist and even in social and culture.

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About IIBS

IIBS has an excellent and brilliant vision to run the best education as the home for young generations to dig up the knowledge for them since they will be Indonesian future leaders in politics as politicians, in economics as economist and even in social and culture.

As wise word says “ All bird need nest but not all nests for bird” it means that the best quality production is produced by the the best producer, therefore, to get the best quality generation, there must be the best school , the best teacher or educator, the best facilities, the best religion atmosphere in the world of the best education system,in brief, IIBS integrates the best thing in running and managing education system, in brief, IIBS integrates the best thing in running and managing education either from the view of input level, proces or output.

IIBS education has four main basic curriculum namely islamic Studies, Academic, Overseas Program, and skill Devlopment. Based on these four main basic pillars, IIBS wish to create or produce Khalifatullah fil-ard (vicegerent) of the Almighty Allah on Earth.

In the seventy years, IIBS is going to broaden both its educations and relegions teaching environment by opening IIBS primary school and IIBS secondary Scholl wich of course located in the same location. IIBS management hopes strongly that IIBS could do the best for people who realy need Islamic Primary Secondary, and High Schools.


FULL DAY SCHOOL diperuntukan bagi siswa SD dan SMP bertujuan untuk meringankan beban orang tua sehingga tidak sibuk untuk mengurus kursus bahasa asing dan bimbingan belajar diluar sekolah.

BOARDING SCHOOL diperuntukan bagi siswa SMP dan SMA. Dengan system boarding peserta siswa bisa belajar maupun melakukan kegiatan lainnya selama 24 jam di asrama, sehingga tidak terkontaminasi budaya destruktif dari luar.

SD, SMP dan SMA IIBS mengintegrasikan kurikulum nasional dan Islamic studies yang berorientasi pada pembentukan karakter didiknya. Didukung oleh tenaga pendidik yang berpengalaman dan menguasai bidang dan ditunjang fasilitas yang memadai serta penerapan bilingual system dalam proses pembelajaran akan mampu membentuk siswa menjadi pribadi yang berilmu pengetahuan dan berwawasan serta memiliki karakter sesuai dengan nilai dan spirit islam.

Lingkungan Islami
IIBS merekayasa lingkungan Islami dengan beberapa program, seperti wajib sholat berjamaah dan pembacaan hadist sesudah sholat berjamaah. Disamping itu IIBS juga menanamkan nilai-nilai Islamic dalam sikap sehari-hari baik sesama teman, guru maupun orang tua seperti mentradisikan salam dan terpishnya kelas putra dan putri.

Tenaga Pengajar
Yang kuat karakter keislamannya tamatan S1, S2, dan S3 dari perguruan tinggi ternama dalam dan luar negeri.


Founder’s Note

International Islamic education council (IIEC) is an International Islamic Education Institution established by DR. Emil Abbas in Indonesia as a Symbol to represent the world’s largest Islamic community as well as to announce Indonesia as the back bone of 2 billion Islamic people in the world.

Education is the locomotive for change and progress,therefore IIEC uses international islamic eduction as a motto in establishing the appropriate form of islamic education for all muslims to follow everyday and everywhere.

In designing the established, IIEC positioned that all knowledge is owned and originated from Allah. Humans may access it through nine instruments that are attached inside every human beign, which are conscience, acts, testimony, will and five human senses.

IIEC designs all the educational needs from the curriculum, HR, uniform, Information Technology, Building, financial management, tools, alumni management, to career placement and others needed in the teaching and learning process that is perfomed by the education unit, including international relations.

In its implementation, IIEC has 11 departements that work in each of their own field so all of IIEC educational design products are always up to date in time and islamic to be distributed to the education unit’s executives both for other education units that intend on using them.

H. Emil Abbas, MBA, PhD
IIEC Founder

Vision and Mission

Build an international Islamic education based on the Quran and Sunnah Rasul SAW to uphold human existence as Khalifatullah Fil-Ardh.

Building human with Akhlaq-Ul-Karimah, Siddiq, Amanah, Talbligh, Fathanah, Syaja’ah and able to carry Islam as a religion of mercy for the universe, Lillaahi Ta’aala.


Principal Message

  To build Islamic education based on Al Quran and Sunnah Rasul SAW to enforce the Human Existence As khalifatullah   fil-ard, is the estuary of the entire educational process taking place in IIBS.

  Implementation of systems and processes that take place in the IIBS is the efforts that should be made to birth human   being with holistic excellence which is ruhiyah excellence, aqliyah excellence, jismiyah excellence, khuluqiyah   excellence and ijtima’iyyah excellence. With the realization of human beings of high quality that’s expected to make an   impact on the birth of a dignified life, superior and bring benefits for the whole mankind.

  To achieve the ideal goal (the great purpose) IIBS comes as the International Islamic schools  intermoda boarding   acceleration  with a very complete format. In this system, student dormitories and other facilities located in the heart of   Cikarang, connected and integrated into a system that is planned, organized, controlled and driven by qualified   educators.

  On the other hand IIBS has Arabic as the core language, English as an international language, Indonesian and other   international languages as the language of proselytizing. With the completion of five pillars of the curriculum, IIBS equip   their students with a mastery of Islamic knowledge as a basic behavioral science and the gate so that eventually gave   birth to the students with strong faith, noble, have brilliant academic achievements, good interpersonal skills, has a   social  responsibility and can play an active role in building a global life communication.

  Established in 2003, now IIBS has achieved A accreditation with a value of 98.48 in the year of 2012. Many alumni   continue learning to well-known universities in Indonesia, such as UGM, UI, ITB, Padjadjaran University, Unpar, Trisakti   University, and others. Some students also continued his studies at several universities abroad. Other achievements, for example,Runner up on Bekasi Basket ball invitation, Winner of Bekasi Drawing contest, Winner on Asia Pacific Ice Skating Competition, Third place of Speech Contest Competition of Maroko International School, Third place on Photography Contest of Environment Olympiad IPB Bogor, Semifinalist of ITS Mathematics Olympiad, Indonesian Ambassador for Young Scientist on Students Exchange in India and others.

May Allah SWT give strength in this noble task to birth nation’s children with excellence and quality, Amiin.

Cikarang, 11 July 2014

Principal IIBS RI

Dr. Ahmad Mulyadi,  M.Ag

5 Curriculum


The school & dorm is also equipped with several facilities as follows:


Admission Procedure

Entrance Qualification:

1. Registration Form Fee Is Rp. 750.000,-

2. 1 Copy of the Candidate’s Birth Certificate

3. 1 Copy of the Candidate’s Report Card

Grade 7 – 9 (for SMA Aplicants )

Grade 4 – 6 (for SMP Aplicants )

4. 3 recent Colored Photographs, size 3×4


Admission Test:

1. Islamic Studies

2. Basic Math

3. English

4. Psycotest


Contact Person

Mrs. Ita 0852 7880 3832

Mrs. Eva 0813 7194 2336



Untuk daerah Jogja, Solo, Semarang, Magelang dan sekitarnya

untuk test online bisa hubungi nomor kontak diatas.

Waktu: 08. 00 – 16.00 WIB

Overseas Program


Nearly a decade old, International Islamic Education Council and International Islamic Boarding School has sending potentials children of Indonesia to several countries around the world in order to carry out the mandate of Education International Programs. One of the unique programs and an improvement to the educational curriculum of the schools under the umbrella of IIEC is what we call Overseas Program. Is an international educational program that is integrated into the curriculum that mandated by the Ministry of Education. We conduct This International education programs overseas program every year, where we send students IISS, IIHS and IIBS which are the potential students of Indonesia to learn in many countries around the world.

So far, Overseas Program IIEC has provided an opportunity to potentials students of the nation really feel the cross country and culture direct interaction , educating them to become young respectable ambassadors of Indonesia in the eyes of the world and get International exposure in some countries such as Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia for nearly one decade. In April of 2013, approximately 260 of our students will attend the program in Canada.

As Indonesia is known as a multicultural country, through this program we have the opportunity to present a special traditional performance through Indonesian Cultural Festival to be present and fully performed by our student’s of the IISS, IIHS and IIBS. This is a tribute to every country that we visit each year as part of efforts to introduce the wonderful and diversity of Indonesian culture to the world by giving our students the opportunity to present traditional Indonesian dance and music at the International stage, so that they can have a chance to shine.

In 2011 the students of IISS, IIHS and IIBS was released by Mr. Yusuf Kalla during his service as Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia. At that time, the ceremony release were held symbolic at the Vice President as a form of moral support from him to our students who are a potential ambassadors of the nation to carry out their international education, as well as running their devotion to the Republic of Indonesia to bring cultural mission that we have explained above. It certainly means a lot to the kids and of course it became something that our students will never forget for these prospective future leaders of this country.

This program is intended to contribute to the connectivity between nations around the world through education, in which relationships are woven by the young generation of the nation with their peers from other nations through the program is expected to be the seed of change towards peace, progress and prosperity in the their leadership in the future. This is a new approach to delivering the next generation of the nations around the world to co-exist in harmony. International and cross-cultural interaction through education can serve as a new public diplomacy, an alternative approach effective build international relationships that support towards world peace.

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